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After School Club

As part of the on-going relationship with Adel St. John the Baptist Primary School, Janey’s Web runs a before and after-school club specifically for the children of the school, providing out-of-school wrap-around care.

In our purpose built building, we can accommodate up to 32 children each morning, from 7:45am until school starts at 8.50am and every weekday evening, after school has finished at 3.15 until 6pm.

A healthy and well-balanced snack is provided each evening for the children, as they enjoy the chance to relax with their friends and take part in the many varied activities on offer, both indoors and out, including arts and crafts and team games. nursery

Janey’s Web has close links to the main school, and experienced staff are on hand to provide study-support for the children, when necessary. The club has two computer stations, both linked to the school’s ICT suite and the Leeds Learning Network, where children are able to access the internet and play games of their choice.

We are committed to providing a safe and fun environment for the children in our care and on occasion Janey has paid for a bouncy castle and/or soft play equipment to be brought in for the children’s amusement. We have also been known to stop the local ice-cream van and buy ice creams for the whole club!!